Since its foundation in 2016, Truth and Reconciliation Platform or TaRP as it’s commonly called, has provided a platform for victims of the so called “Troubles” to speak about their personal experiences and to warn the world of the real consequences of using or accepting violence as a political expedient or as a means to change society. Any one of the many atrocities, committed during those dark times, can be held up in isolation and used as a stick to beat one “side” or another but, when held up together with other atrocities, it becomes clear that “ no side has a monopoly on suffering or loss”.


This year, Truth and Reconciliation Platform aims to open purpose-designed premises in Newry, County Down, to provide victims’ groups, along with individual victims and their loved ones, with a secure place to work from and to facilitate dialogue and peace-building. The new centre will be named in memory of three popular young musicians of mixed religions, from north and south, who lost their lives in 1975 while working together, literally in perfect harmony, to bring happiness and healing to everyone on the island of Ireland regardless of social, religious or political background; the new centre will be named “The Miami Showband Peace Centre”.       


To date, Truth and Reconciliation Platform has attracted and influenced a global audience which it continues to grow every day; in just four years, the stories and testimonies of TaRP witnesses have reached hundreds of millions of people all over the world: Now it’s time to give them a permanent base in their own country.


A special fundraising event in aid of The Miami Showband Peace Centre will be held at The Claddagh Ring, 10 Church Rd, Hendon, London, NW4 4EA on Friday, March 27 th which will feature the popular Irish actor and comedian, Ardal O'Hanlon, who played Father Dougal McGuire in “Father Ted”, George Sunday/Thermoman in “My Hero” and DI Jack Mooney in “Death in Paradise”. Other celebrity guests will also be announced and music will be provided by The Sinners. Tickets are £7 each in aid of Truth and Reconciliation Platform.


To support The Miami Showband Peace Centre GoFundMe appeal, please go to         


Truth and Reconciliation Platform is a Registered Charity No. NIC106763

The Miami Showband Claddagh Fundraiser A