On 30th September 2019 at 10am, a Team of over 46 Men and Women will embark on a Sponsored  Bike Ride from The Claddagh Ring in North

London, cycling up to Banbury for their first stop, on Tuesday they will head for Shifnal, and Wednesday will take them  to Liverpool where there will be an Fundraising evening with Music and Special Guests at Liverpool Irish Centre.


They will then  get the ferry across the Irish sea to Dublin where there is another Fund Raising Event at Darkey Kellys Bar at Fishamble Street on Thursday night , on Fri 4th Oct at 9am they will have an official reception at  Croke Park, where 15 more Bike Riders will join them as they head for Tyrrellspass on their penultimate stage.


Sat 5th Oct - The Bike Ride Team will set off for Athlone,on to Roscommon Town,and through Ballymoe and Castlerea, heading for their final destination, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon at around 6pm. The Finish line is Ballaghaderreen GAA Club house and pitch which was Frank kellys hallowed ground. 


It’s a daunting task even for the most accomplished cyclists, so what has inspired a group of novices to embark on such a challenge?


Well, as it so often happens, the group have come together to support two causes that are close to their hearts; Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).


Anyone who has been touched by either of these diseases knows only too well the impact they can have not only on the person suffering with the disease, but on the whole family and those closest to them.

Both are disease that affect the brain, MND is caused by a problem with motor neurone cells in the brain and nerves, and AD is thought to be caused by abnormal build-up of proteins in and around the brain cells.


A striking difference between the two is in how their initial symptoms manifest. MND’s symptoms are noticeably physical; such as slurred speech, muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing and walking. Whereas Alzheimer’s tends to present itself as changes in the person’s mind (brain), usually in the form of memory problems, confusion, disorientation and personality changes.  

Both of the diseases are progressive and require professional care and treatment.


Sadly, there’s no cure for either MND or AD, but with your help the bikers want to help improve the quality of life for those with MND or AD and the level of support that their families receive.


They’ve a hefty goal of raising at least £100,000 that will help the IMNDS provide vital funding and supporting Alzheimer’s Society.


You can support this worthy cause by making a donation to Just Giving London to Ballaghaderreen Sponsored Bike Ride, or Sponsoring one of the Team individual sponsor sheets , Company Sponsorship Packages,or just popping in to The Claddagh Ring .


The route has been chosen as Frank Kelly (finbars  brother in law) passed away from MND on 30th Oct 2017 having lived in Ballaghaderreen all his life.

He was a true family man, friend, the local postman and a huge part of Ballaghaderreen GAA both as a player and Manager.


Joe Lynch who passed away recently from Alzheimer’s lived in Enfield and was from Wexford. Joe was another true family man, friend and was manager and Chairman of Saint Theresa’s GAA Club in North London for many years. Joe actually cycled to Ireland with some of the present team 27 years ago which also started at The Claddagh Ring.

There is a great bond of friendship and team spirit building within whole team. We are getting very excited now before we set off on this fun funding bike journey and we are just hoping to raise as much money as possible for these worthy causes.


Official Bike Team Fund Raising Night on Sat 28th September at The Claddagh Ring with Music, Special Guests, Bike Ride and Support  Team in attendance, Raffle, Auction, Irish Dancing Display and lots of fun and craic.


And all going well, you can meet the bikers at the finish line outside  Ballaghaderreen GAA Clubhouse and Pitch  on Sat 5th October at sometime around 6pm, and then join them later for a celebration party of music and craic organised by John Meehan (YB Sober band) and Ballaghaderreen local Community Friends , in The Brusna Inn just outside the town.

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