On 30th September 2019 a team of over 46 men and women will embark on a bike ride from The Claddagh Ring in North London, cycling up to Liverpool and across the Irish sea to their final destination in Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, meet the team below:

London to Ballaghaderreen Bike Team:


  • Led by Liam McCarthy (Kerry/London),

  • John Gavigan (London/Mayo/Leitrim/Sligo!),

  • Dan McGrath (London/Mayo),

  • John McGrath (London/Mayo),

  • Brendan Dolan (Galway),

  • Con Cunningham (Galway/ Birmingham),

  • Joe Argue (Cavan/ Birmingham),

  • Christy and Rose Murray (Meath/Kilkenny),

  • Peter Holian (Galway),

  • Niall Usher (Galway),

  • Ailish Connollly (Claddagh Ring/Roscommon),

  • Richard Hession (Claddagh Ring/Galway),

  • Pat Towey (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Joseph Laporte (The Seychelles),

  • Fr.Gerard Quirke (Galway),

  • Paul McAlloon (Tyrone),

  • Brian Carr (Galway),

  • Aisling Hilary (Galway),

  • Orla Hilary (Galway),

  • Finbarr O'Shea (Clare),

  • Pádraig Mulligan (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Seamus McNabb (New York/Tyrone),

  • Paul Casey (Ballaghaderreen),

  • John Beirne (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Pat McHugh (New York/Galway),

  • Niall Farrell (Fermanagh/London),

  • Peter Kelly (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Declan Burke (Galway/London),

  • Declan McGarry (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Finbar Holian (Galway).


Dublin (Croke Park) to Ballaghaderreen Team:

  • Pat O'Grady (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Pat Phillips (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Regina Casey (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Barry Kelly (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Aidan Geraghty (Galway),

  • Mark Kilgallon (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Tom Ryder (Galway),

  • Fr. Fergal Cunnane (Galway),

  • John Connelly (Galway),

  • Pete Nicklin (Dunmore/ Stoke on Trent),

  • Martin Coyle (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Gary Conway (Ballaghaderreen),

  • Michael Coll (Roscommon),

  • John Bligh (Roscommon),

  • Tom Coleman (Sligo).

The Support / Super Sub Team:


  • Led by Patrick Denning (Enfield/ Cavan),

  • John Bresnahan (Tyrone),

  • Sean Mulvey (Leitrim),

  • Arthur Boyhan (Kildare),

  • Shane O’Sullivan (Kerry/London),

  • Marie Dillon (Galway),

  • Bernie Harrington (Rosscommon),

  • Nuala Bresnahan (Tyrone),

  • Bob Burke (Galway/London),

  • Dave Bowens (Galway),

  • Danny McAuley (Antrim),

  • Sophie McKay (Nottingham),

  • Gerardine Holian (Galway),

  • Gràinne McSweeney (Clare).


Thank you All for Your Support and Good Wishes

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